Hot water directly on your face while you shower

I look at skin daily and noticed a trend back when I was working at a male spa. Most of my clients had a lot of broken capillaries and redness all over their face. I started asking skincare routine questions and noticed a trend... The majority of them all washed their faces in the shower - hot shower - directly on their faces. I know it feels good to have a hot shower and the most popular myth is "my pores feel tighter". What if I told you that the hot water from your shower causes the same damage as the sun or worse! Our bodies are able to handle it more than our faces but with time, the face becomes sensitized. This is a skin condition that is hard to reverse and can require laser treatments. When the face is closest to the shower head as opposed to the rest of the body, with time, the hot water will start to break the skin capillaries and it can lead to rosacea and sometimes hyperpigmentation. Also, water is very dehydrating so the "tight" feeling you feel in the hot shower is really lack of moisture. No one likes to hear this when I tell them, but I'm not asking you to give up your hot showers and take cold ones. You could continue showering like you normally would, just avoid hot water directly onto your face. Instead, with your wet hands, int the shower, cleanse your skin. This gives the hot water time to cool down by the time it reaches your face.