Serums are like vitamins for the skin

Not enough people wear serums because they don’t know how to wear them or they don’t know how they work. A common mistake people make when wearing a serum is NOT allowing it to penetrate long enough before putting on something else (i.e. moisturizer or SPF). Waiting a few minutes after applying a serum allows the serum to penetrate into the skin. Serums are made ofsuch a small molecule, they are designed to penetrate deeper than creams. (This means that you put a serum on first before your moisturizer if you didn’t already know that).

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know that you can also use more than one serum. You can and that’s one of my favorite things about serums. You can layer them based on consistency. So lighter weight (water based) first then heavier serums (hyaluronic acid based) then cream based serums (heavier serums that feel like a lightweight moisturizer). You have to also consider the active ingredients in the serum to layer accordingly. If your are using a prescription, I would recommend applying the prescription at night and a non-prescription serum in the morning.

There is a serum for every skin condition. Serums can be used to anti-age at any age. I recommend a vitamin C serum if you’re new to serums. If you’re not new to serums, try a serum with peptides to stimulate more collagen and elastin. When it comes to serums, you are never to young and never to old to start using them!