Do I need eye cream?

It still surprises me that some people don’t use an eye cream AT ALL and some people ONLY wear eye cream. This is the truth!

Some people cannot wrap their heads around the importance of wearing eye cream…let’s see if I can convince you. Most of the time I hear, is it really that important? YES! Why? Well one main reason is that the eye area is the thinnest part of your face and it will be the first to show signs of aging. Yipes! What this means is that other people will always know how old you are based on your eye area. This is serious people, if you’re not wearing eye cream, start now!

A couple of important things to keep in mind with your eye area is, try NOT to constantly rub your eyes, it loosens up the surrounding skin and can lead to wrinkles and loose skin. Be super gentle. Also, try to sleep on your back instead of on your side, I know its hard and you can’t help it, but try this and I swear it will help fine lines. Very gently apply your eye cream for a few seconds with your ring finger. If the eye cream is not too irritating, rub it around your entire eye area.

Something is better than nothing when it comes to choosing your eye cream. I personally make sure my serums are applied first around my eye area followed by a hyaluronic acid eye cream with peptides.