Peptides are your friends

I was first introduced to my Peptide friends over 20 years ago. I was amazed at how effective they were on mature skin. I hear about Peptides here and there but not as much as I should considering how many people I meet that don’t know about them. Peptides are proteins that are delivered into your skin by using a serum or a cream. I prefer my peptides in a serum because peptides can penetrate deeper and can be more effective. There are different types of peptides. Some peptides are even known to work like a topical Botox! I make sure I use Peptides daily all over my face in a serum, night cream and eye cream. I will admit, I am Peptide obsessed!

Peptides are important in skin care because they send signals for more Collagen production! Yay! We like looking plump and juicy as opposed to wrinkled! Sadly, collagen like all things will come to an end, so we must act now!

The change will occur at such a cellular level that patience is a virtue. Be patient with peptides, because you won’t see a dramatic change right away, but you will. One day, you will start to notice less lines and healthier looking skin. It is important to know that if you stop using Peptides, the amazing affects of the Peptides will discontinue. This is why skin care is a multi- BILLION dollar industry!

I strongly suggest for you to start reading skincare labels like you would read food labels. It’s a good idea to know what you are putting in your body.